Alice Alisaki: First Time in Choda

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ALICE ALISAKI FIRST TIME IN CHODA. SugarBabes TV gives a leading role to the newcomer in choda and very sexy black-haired with huge and dripping honey and next to her could not be other than the titanomegic and insurmountable with the steely dick with a giant personality the last bubble of depon Alex Fire in the role of office manager. Before he goes to his office, Alex Fire stops at the aroma sex shop and asks to get some toys for his secretary, Alice Alisaki, who says he doesn’t work and masturbates all day. Along with all the sex toys he has shopped they give him a vibrator for Alice Alisaki’s underwear who explains that he works through a mobile app and can activate it and give it any time and time he wants. When Alex Fire goes to his office, he finds her in a strange phase and tells her that he has gotten her a gift.and after Alex has alice Alisaki so much he takes an unreal pipe and weighs down a Spanish then Alex makes her a very special lick and on the desk in all her postures he tears up the with his hard dick. Then appears his assistant Stathis Arseniou who her and he after he has realized that Alice’s is not only fed with a dick. The envy of plenty of greek stars and Alice Alisaki in her first appearance in tsoda. 100% Greek 100% Greek production because only sugarbabes knows and can.


The well-known protagonist Alex Fire in the new film of the plays the director of a company where he has hired as his new secretary the Alice Alisa where she makes her most caustic debut in the new film Alice Alisaki: first time in a choda only on sugarbabestv. Alice is promising! The new protagonist, as you will see for yourself, is the new heavy artillery and promises us to drip from a spit. Alex Fire is an employer that many women would like to have. To welcome his new employee to his company, he visits the Aroma Sex Shop ( and with the help of the owner he procures a bunch of sex toys and accessories for his new employee. After the purchases that she goes to the company and catches in the act to his new employee just to falter, she surprised with the run away Alex plays it and well that it works, but her employer does not fish and jokingly having as a ulterior purpose to tear her up, he tells her “I have a gift for you because as I see here you do not work”. Alisaki is especially thrilled with the gift of the 3rd generation vibrator for her pussy where he gives commands for his vibration through an application by Alex. During its testing the kavla hits red! And Alex’s warning is that when she doesn’t work she’ll be playing with her through the app. So when Alex decides to go to his office to work with this spit for his secretary, the action begins! The hot secretary grabs Alex’s in her mouth and is bitten by the roufokavliara only in the! Alice’s are a dream and stone alex’s having the experience of making an incredible Spanish. The fucking he eats is merciless by Alex Fire, who gives lessons through this film for a good fucking only on sugarbabestv . Suddenly the dick Stathis Arseniou invades the office and then it starts a triplet inside the kavla. They literally unwind the new secretary where as you will see she has a lot of talent and thirsts for spills only on sugarbabestv .

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