Greek Agent: Evelina Chivu

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Greek Agent: Evelina Chivu
Starring: Evelina Chivu, Neek Junior & Konstantinos Petsakias

Money is the driving force they say and they are not mistaken. The fuckers Neek Junior & Konstantinos Petsakias as pure males and hunters beat their prey, which is none other than the pussy dancer Evelina Chivu where they take her the “virginity” in her new series “Greek Agent”, and as we will see beyond dancing she has great talent and in fucking This film is Evelinas’ first. So after they spot her they approach her and open a conversation of acquaintance with her initially offering her a sum of money just to show them her one breast. She accepts their offer and takes out her tits. The boys are impressed with her juicy tits and offer her even more money to show all 2 of her tits something she accepts, while sugarbabes’ wedding rings touch her tits and she seems to enjoy it. So they offer her even more money of the order of 150 euros for them to get a snack and have a good time, which she refuses when this amount increases, they tempt her even more and accept their proposal. Excited boys “load” her and do not believe that by just taking a walk they achieved a pussy like Evelina Chivu to get their tastes out. After being isolated in an outdoor cavatza, they start her in the ticks, while they do not miss an opportunity to play with her and enjoy her pussy. Evelina gladly receives a crazy fucking from the two stallions of the and proves to us that with her will and the power of money she has before her a brilliant course in the tsontes. You will see this for yourself by enjoying her first film. Happy viewing!

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