Massive Tariff, Your Wife Must Blow Me!

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Greek Taxi Drivers Are Smart And Always Want Their Payment!, the largest Greek Porn Production Company, presents another installment of Greek Taxi: Massive Tariff, Your Wife Must Blow Me!

Panagos is a happy-go-lucky Greek Taxi driver looking for customers on this abysmal rainy day. Luckily for him, a couple are looking for a ride to Ekali. As they reach their desired destination, Panagos asks to be paid for the ride… But the guy forgot his wallet and does not have money to pay for the tariff. Thus, the cunning Taxi driver suggests that the guy’s wife, the raven-haired tattooed MILF Julia, gives him a blowjob and then they can call it even! A short argument happens but slutty mature Julia seems eager to try out some new cock! Not to mention, teach her husband a lesson for forgetting his wallet.

As a result, Panagos drives to a remote location nearby while Julia gives him a blowjob and her husband is watching in the backseat! Moreover, it seems like a mouthful of cock was not enough for this horny MILF, as now her pussy is wet and hungry for cock… So, she hops on top of the Taxi driver’s dick and goes for her second “ride” of the day. After a while, the cuckold husband has had enough and leaves the Taxi furious! Sexy mature Julia could care less about her husband being upset and just continues fucking in multiple positions before getting all of that cum in her mouth to swallow!

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