Possessed 2

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SugarBabes.TV brings you the sequel of the Halloween series “Possessed 2”. Starring Greek Goddess Inna Innaki as the witch Morgana, Sakis Dermatis (Filippos Arvanitis and the irresistible tattooed blonde Lila Evance.

We’re back in Morgana’s lair and the ungrateful Sakis has another request. He asks for a fit blonde , with a tight big booty, big tits and lots of tattoos! An easy wish for our resident witch to grant. With one snap of her fingers: Lila Evance, a perfectly shaped, tattooed blonde appears. Sakis is really pleased with his gift and wants nothing more than to fuck this big boobs blonde as soon as possible. Morgana casts a spell on Lila before releasing her to Sakis, claiming that when night falls, this amazing babe will become even more beautiful! He takes her by the hand and they leave the witch’s lair.

After leaving, what follows is some good ol’ straightforward hardcore sex! Tattooed slut Lila now bears the mark of Morgana and is consumed by sexual desire! She sits on Sakis face to have her wet pussy eaten before bending over in 69 position, to suck his cock while still being licked. Then Lila Evance takes a hard and long-lasting pussy pounding in various sex positions. From missionary, to doggystyle, to cowgirl and back… Until her stunning bubble butt is sprayed with a huge load of thick cum!

Sign up and watch tattooed vixen Lila Evance earn every drop of cum from Sakis big dick in “Possessed 2”. Exclusively on Sugarbabes.tv! Also, be sure to follow SugarBabesTv on Twitter for more from the best Greek Porn site!

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