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SugarBabes.TV brings you a Spooky fucking series called “Possessed”. As Halloween knocks on your door, you can feel shudders going down your spine and especially when you see our very own Greek Goddess Inna Innaki playing the role of the witch Morgana.

Sakis Dermatis (Filippos Arvanitis) finds the witch Morgana in order to exact payback on his whore ex-girlfriend. Morgana agrees to help him, but there’s a catch! He must drink a potion that will bind him to a deal with the witch… For the next 10 years he will have whatever he desires, in exchange for his soul! Sakis demands that his ex (Christy White) be cursed for leaving him for someone else and that she never find a moments peace! We then see a few terrifying phenomena happening at the couple’s house. Therefore, Nek takes Christy to a clairvoyant named Valeria, in hope of finding a solution. Valeria informs them that they have been cursed and that they need to find the object that was used and destroy it. The object in question is a small pouch that Nek finds in his jacket and burns it.


However, the curse does not end as Morgana’s hoodoo is too powerful. So the couple try with the clairvoyant again, who reveals that they are being haunted by two powerful demons… And that the only way to be protected is with the symbol “A”. Furthermore, they can only be saved by finding the witch who cursed them. The couple desperately search for Morgana’s whereabouts and as they get closer, the demons appear! A horrific chase takes place but Nek and Christy manage to avoid the demons and reach the witch’s lair. Obviously, these mere mortals are no match for Morgana’s witchcraft who casts another spell on Christy White. This sexy blonde babe is now possessed and must fuck her boyfriend hard, like it’s their last time! Can they do it?

Watch how “Possessed”, small tits, Greek blonde Christy White gets pussy fucked by Nek “one last time”! Exclusive only on Sugarbabes.tv! Sign up to the best choice for original content and banging babes! Don’t forget to: Click here and follow us on Twitter!

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