Angel Rivas

Angel Rivas is a girl of many talents. She speaks three languages, has travelled around the world… and can fit two dicks in her ass at the same time. She claims to have been born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1991, but we’re pretty sure that’s just a cover story. She’s obviously an angel who dropped down from heaven on a mission to make men happy by recording herself taking cock after cock in all of her tight little holes. You can even see her angel wings on her back. She claims it’s just a tattoo, but we’re onto her. A brunette on the small side, Angel started off with teeny A-cup boobs, but then wisely pumped those puppies up to a rocking pair of 32Ds. Her porno exploits began as soon as she turned 18, and her first few scenes were solo masturbation and girl-on-girl action. But after those intro videos, Angel speedily launched into the extreme porn this nasty gal is now known for. From getting her butt slammed by another girl wearing an enormous strap-on, to double penetration, there are very few anal acts that she hasn’t conquered. Besides all of her ass accomplishments, Angel’s starred in a little bit of everything, including lesbo orgies, public sex, and foot fetish films. Thank heavens for Angel!

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