Greek Taxi Double Tariff has prepared another episode from our Greek Taxi🚖🚕 series: “Double Tariff”. Starring horny, brunette, born-to-be-a-model, teen Sofia Pavlidi.

Brunette Greek model Sofia Pavlidi gets in the Greek Taxi🚖, driven by Giannis Menidiatis. Her frustration starts growing as this ball-busting Taxi driver keeps going on and on about the financial crisis. Sofia doesn’t have enough money to pay the driver and thus he picks up a second passenger, hot Greek porn star Inna Innaki, in order to charge a double tariff! At some point along the way, Sofia recognizes Inna and they start talking about their sexuality and experiences. Greek Goddess Inna Innaki really knows how to seduce horny babes like Greek teen Sofia Pavlidi!

Later on, Giannis realizes that his car got damaged on route, so he pulls over in the middle of nowhere, leaving the hot babes in the taxi and goes to call for road assistance. Once Giannis is out of sight, hot lesbian sex begins in an episode featuring two gorgeous Greek babes squeezing each other’s boobs, licking pussies and having huge orgasms! These babes are so scorching hot that the Greek Taxi could catch fire from the rising temperatures!

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