Lost But Found… Big Dick In Mouth

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Sugarbabes.tv is at it again! Bringing you a brand new 100% Greek Porn Exclusive in “Lost But Found… Big Dick In Mouth”! Starring the irresistible, blonde sugarbabe Christy White and Nek Sinner.

Sexy Blonde In The Dirt Roads Of Kavala

It’s a blazing summer day and sexy Greek babe Christy White is lost, while wandering the dirt roads and fields of Kavala. Her phone has no reception and thus, she sneaks into a large rural estate. Walking up the pathway, she asks if anyone is home? But to no reply. This dynamite blonde eventually ends up at the swimming pool area and decides to cool off her hot body, by stripping down to her lingerie. Taking drops of water from the pool, she rubs herself as the moisture emanates and glistens on her beautiful skin!

Lost in the blissful moment, Christy is quickly brought back to reality when the owner (Nek Sinner) finds her and questions what she is doing on his estate. Blonde bombshell Christy White gets flustered and says that she is lost and only entered the place to see if anyone was home to help her. After explaining her situation and that she is very thirsty, Nek suggests to go in the shade and bring her a glass of water. After that, she has a sip of water and timely calms down. Christy wants to express her gratitude and Nek cheekily replies that they’ll find a way!

Horny Greek Babe Lost But Found A Way To Atone

Subsequently, he starts advancing on Christy White, flirting and touching her, before they kiss. Filled with lust, our guy strips naked for Christy to find his bulging dick ready for action! This small tits, blonde babe is already on her knees and blows that fat cock, deepthroating it with grace! But licking her ass and pussy, makes Nek’s hard-on get even stiffer! So, this Greek slut gives it a nice sloppy sucking, before sliding it in her already wet pussy! Banging outdoors with hard pussy fucking… From cowgirl to doggy, until Christy eventually takes a shot of warm cum to the mouth and face! She has definitely made up for her indiscretion and can now relax and enjoy nature on the estate.

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