The Mind Games Of Vanesa Adamopoulou Part 2

In this video delivers Part 2 of a new and original 100% Greek Porn, Exclusive series: “The Mind Games Of Vanesa Adamopoulou”.

Tattooed seductress Vanesa Adamopoulou is up to her tricks again! This time, she calls up big tits brunette Natalia and asks her to come over so that they can gossip about their common friend “Christina” (Christy White). When she arrives, the girlfriends are both already dressed appropriately for potential action..! Busty Natalia is wearing reveling green nightwear, while naughty Vanesa is dressed in full body fishnets. While talking about their “friend”, the manipulative redhead acts unaware about knowing the situation beforehand. Christy was upset because she saw Natalia cozying up with her boyfriend. She denies this and says that Christy is always jealous and insecure over her him.

Let The Debauchery Continue!

Nevertheless, Vanesa plays her cards right and confides that she had sex with Christy on that day. This prompts Natalia to admit that she was indeed with Christy’s boyfriend and that they also had sex. Therefore, the fiery redhead is curious to hear more about it… After establishing that she received a proper fuck, tattooed Vanesa challenges that she can fuck her even better! The big booty girlfriend is curious to know how? The answer: Domme slut Vanesa goes to her room and returns shortly after with a big dick strap-on tied around her waist! Natalia is ecstatic by the size of it and wants to lube it well, with her full, cock-sucking lips… Then naughty Ms. Adamopoulou makes sure Natalia’s pussy is dripping wet from cunnilingus before ramming that strap-on dick deep inside her.

Subsequently, the voluptuous brunette has her pussy pounded doggystyle, cowgirl, sideways… The whole repertoire! And she absolutely loves it!!! So much so that she then pleases her horny redhead pussyfucker by licking and dildo stuffing Vanesa’s pussy. The two girlfriends end up intertwining their soaking cunts with scissoring and after they reach climax, they kiss each other goodbye! However, Natalia asks Vanesa not to tell Christy anything about what they’ve discussed or done. She promises that she won’t but as soon as her big tits friend leaves, she calls up Christy!! Let the Mind Games Of Vanesa Adamopoulou unfold..!

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