Inna Innaki And Barbie Sins: Wet yoga

In this video presents a steamy wet yoga class session with Greek Goddess Inna Innaki and voluptuous British blonde Barbie Sins.

The scene begins with the two hot babes stretching and taking up various postures outdoors, during the lesson. After a while and a series of exercises, Inna leaves to go indoors. Little does she know that horny big tits Barbie follows her inside the house with the intention of seducing her. The voluptuous blonde creeps up behind the Greek Goddess and starts massaging her shoulders before sliding her eager hands across Inna’s round boobs.

Subsequently the two girlfriends, are in for a great time together! The horny sluts start kissing and touching. Then, they lick and suck on each other’s aroused nipples. Soon after Barbie Sins wants to further enjoy Inna Innaki by rubbing, fingering and licking her wet pussy. Not to be outdone, Inna returns the favor and these lesbian bitches keep switching positions with incredible finger and tongue play. They even masturbate themselves while looking at each other! Above all, the hot vixens finish off with a scorching 69 pussy licking marathon releasing moans of great pleasure that are sure to drive viewers crazy.

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